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​Information Regarding Non-Regular Retirement

20 Year Non-Regular Retirement

Governed by Title 10 of United States Code, Chapter 1223, retired pay for non-regular service is earned when a Service Member accrues 20 years of creditable service towards retirement. A creditable year of service is any full year of time served where the Service Member earns at least 50 points from any source (Title 10 USC 12731 and 12732); additional stipulations apply for Service Members who earned their 20th year of creditable service before 2005 (Title 10 USC 12731 (a)(3)). Proof of this eligibility comes in the form of a 20 year letter, NGB Form 23-D.

15 Year Non-Regular Retirement

Additionally, Service Members who complete at least 15 but less than 20 years of creditable service and are discharged due to the proceedings of a medical board may be eligible for non-regular retirement at age 60 if they are in receipt of a 15 year letter, NGB Form 23-E.

Reduction of Retirement Pay Eligibility Date

The age at which a Service Member can receive their non-regular retirement pay can be reduced under the provisions of Title 10 USC 12731 (f)(2) by 90 days for every 90 days spent on active duty after 28 January 2008, if the active duty was pursuant to a call or order to active duty under Sections 688, 12301(a), 12301(d), 12302, 12304, 12304(a), 12305, 12406, or other provisions as given in the above named chapter. This may also include Title 32 502(f) time, but only if the order was for the purposes of responding to a national emergency declared by the President or supported by Federal funds.

These periods must be accrued in 90 day periods during the same fiscal year if they were earned on or before 30 September 2014. After this date, periods accrued can cross fiscal years.

State Tax Exemption Under the Bailey Settlement

If you have 5 or more years of Service before August 12, 1989, you may not be required to pay NC State Taxes on your Federal Retired Pay or your State Pension.  For information please follow the link:  Bailey Settlement


Please see the appropriate section below for assistance with completing your non-regular retirement or state pension applications.

Forward all completed pay packets for review to 

or mail a copy of your packet to:

Retirement Services

1636 Gold Star Drive

Raleigh, NC 27607

 Non-Regular Retirement Packet

The application for non-regular retirement consists of the following parts, and should be completed between 6-12 months prior to your retired pay eligibility date to avoid delays in payment:


1)  DD Form 108

2) Closed out NGB 23A (RPAM: Retirement Points Account Statement)

3)  DD Form 2656

    -With corresponding VA Compensation Letter (if applicable)

4) DD Form 2656-5 or DD 1883

5)  20 Year Letter or 15 Year Letter

6) Retired Reserve Order


If you need assistance with the completion of your retirement packet, click the link below, which covers all required forms in comprehensive detail:

Federal Retirement Video




 State Pension Application

State Pension is available to all Service Members who are eligible for 20 year retirement and have 15 years of qualifying service in the North Carolina National Guard. Submission to Retirement Services should be made about 6 months prior to your 60th birthday.


As of July 1st, 2015, the payment rate for 20 years of service is $105.00 per month, increased by $10.50 per month for every year of service afterwards, to a cap of $210.00 for 30 years of service.


The necessary supporting documents for your compete State Pension Application are:


 1)  JFHQ NC Form 127-1-R

 2) Form 170 (Direct Deposit)

 3) State Tax Form 290

 4) Copy of Social Security Card

 5) NGB Form 22


If you need assistance with the completion of your pension packet, click the link below, which covers all required forms in comprehensive detail:

State Pension Video