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NCNG Employment Center



 The Education and Employment Center's purpose is to increase career opportunities for North Carolina Guardsmen/Veterans by developing proactive positive relationships with North Carolina employers and   connecting our Citizen Soldiers/Airmen with those employers through

all available channels in order to obtain stable careers

and optimal retention.


We collaborate with North Carolina employers who are seeking reliable, dedicated, skilled, and disciplined Soldiers and Airmen to utilize their

military training, experience, and education

in order to maximize the employer's organization.


We identify skill sets that employers desire, and seek out  the service members who match those skill sets in

order to maintain

high level of confidence in our employer customer base.



NGNC Education Center


The North Carolina National Guard Education Office provides Soldiers and Airmen with a variety of services. Below are listed several of these services as well as POC's for office functions.

  • Counseling Service Members on how to maximize benefits while pursuing a College Degree.
  • Provide Testing for current ARNG members (ie. those who need to increase their ASVAB scores).
  • Manage GoArmyEd for Soldiers in the NC ARNG
  • Provide general Education Briefings to units upon request.
  • Manage NCTAP (NC Tuition Assistance Program) for Soldiers & Airmen in the NCNG.
  • Processes College transcripts for both Officer & Enlisted Soldiers.
  • Manage GI Bill Eligibility. 
  • Counseling for Service Members on transferring their GI Bill benefits to their spouse/dependent(s).