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NCARNG Substance Abuse Program


How Can We Help?

The Substance Abuse Program (SAP) mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the NCARNG workforce, to conserve manpower, and enhance the combat readiness of Soldiers. (AR 600-85)

The SAP Program provides:

Education and Training

· Target Prevention Train– Universal prevention education for all ARNG Soldiers. Talk to your RRC or PC to set up your required annual training
· Deterrence education– Briefing on the effects of drugs and alcohol and providing information on command policies concerning drug use

Early Identification and Self Assessment

· Provide risk assessment materials to Soldiers and Command
· Provide information and help during the referral process

Risk Reduction

· Tailored training based on risk in your Unit


· Unit Risk Inventory(URI)Reintegration-URI– Anonymous surveys that document the risk present at the unit level

Targeted Intervention

· Referrals to community-based providers for help with drug and alcohol concerns

Limited Use Policy

· If you think you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs, it is best to

admit the concern to your chain of command so they can help before you get caught.

· If you admit your abuse and request help, the Limited Use Policy could

limit the negative consequences of your drug or alcohol abuse.

Under the Limited Use Policy:

· The characterization of discharge is limited to "Honorable"

· Your commander is not required to initiate separation proceedings

· For more information, see AR 600-85 or talk to your RRC and PC


Please see our website at acsap website

Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina:


 Substance Abuse Program Staff

 Sandra Edwards ADCO - SAP Program 2019.jpg

Sandra Edwards

Risk Reduction Coordinator (RRC)




Lisa Faison

Prevention Coordinator (PC)



Mark Foster

Prevention Coordinator (PC)