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ALERT: As of 09 June 2020, the Military Funeral Honors Program has resumed operations and is accepting requests for Military Honors.  Due to a directive from the Department of the Army limiting Military Honors support to a maximum of three Soldiers, we are unable to provide rifle volleys or pall bearing support at this time.


The Mission of the Military Funeral Honors Program

To render professional and dignified Military Funeral Honors IAW service tradition, to all eligible Service Members, Retirees, and Veterans when requested by an authorized family member or representative.

How We Can Help
  • Provide resources to Funeral Directors, families and loved ones as to how to request military funeral honors support, while also serving as a valuable reference on all matters related to regulations, functions and requirements for military funeral honors operations.
  • Offering military funeral honor support for funeral services of deceased "honorably discharged" veterans at NO CHARGE to Funeral Homes or Families/Loved Ones of Veterans.
  • Training to Veteran's Service Organizations (VSO's) to become AP3 Certified and to perform dignified funeral services such as flag folding and presentation of Colors to family, firing party and pall bearing sequences.
  • Provide ongoing training to Funeral Directors and Funeral Home personnel in order to maintain funeral service certifications.
Types of Services
  • Veterans Honors - Designated for eligible deceased veterans. Ceremony may consist of two (2) personnel to conduct the sounding of TAPS, military flag fold, and presentation of the flag to the primary/designated next of kin.
  • Full Honors Service - Designated for eligible Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, deceased retired Service Members, and Service Member that died while on duty. Ceremony may consist of seven to nine (9) personnel to conduct veteran honors, rifle volley, and/or pall bearers.

What is Needed For Support

  • Family members, representative and/or funeral directors should obtain and provide documentation of the deceased Veteran:

                     o  Branch of Service

                     o  Dates of Service

                     o  Character of Service (ex. Honorable, dishonorable discharge)

  • For assistance in obtaining documentation, contact the Military Funeral Honors Staff at 984-664-6273.
  • Documentation of service:

                   o  DD-214

                   o  SF-180

                   o  Branch of Service/Unit Awards

                   o  Branch of Service Certificate

                   o  Military/Retired Identification Card (DD Form 2)

                   o  NGB Form 22 or NGB Form 55 (National Guardsman)

                   o  Memorandum of Eligibility for

                       Retired Pay (20-Year Letter)

                   o  Verification of Eligibility of Burial  

                       in National Veterans Cemetery

  • NC National Guard Military Funeral Honors Request form should be completed listing the following:

                   o  Deceased Full Name

                   o  SSN (if available)

                    o  Branch of Service

                   o  Veteran Status (Vetran/Active/Retired)

                    o  Date/Time/Location of the Military Honors 

                   o  Funeral Home Contact information

                   o  Specific Honors requested (Flag Fold, Taps, etc)

                   o  Next of Kin information (if Veteran is military retiree)

​NC National Guard Military Funeral Honors Support Forms
NCNG Retiree Casualty Report V4.pdf
2/18/2021 2:47 PMMartinsen, Kenneth P SSG MIL NG NCARNG
MFH CA Combined Request Form_v5.pdf
2/18/2021 2:46 PMMartinsen, Kenneth P SSG MIL NG NCARNG
Flag Request Form.pdf
3/25/2020 11:09 AMMartinsen, Kenneth P SSG MIL NG NCARNG
SF-180 Military Records Request.pdf
3/25/2020 11:10 AMMartinsen, Kenneth P SSG MIL NG NCARNG
MFH Request Form.pdf
3/31/2021 3:09 PMMartinsen, Kenneth P SSG MIL NG NCARNG