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The Mission of the Casualty Operations Office

The North Carolina National Guard Casualty Operations Office provides for the care of the Men and Women of the NCARNG and  their Families following the death or serious injury of a Service Member, regardless of duty status. This includes the  immediate need of the Family and the sustained support of Survivors.  Our success is defined by the speed and continuity of care provided to  the Service Member's and Families, as well as the ongoing capability for  the North Carolina National Guard to react in the event of tragedy.

Core Values and Goals 

Understanding each Soldier, each Casualty, and each Family is unique,  and various factors contribute to the dynamics of each case. The  NCARNG Casualty Operations Team has developed a set skills and experience in providing the involved casualty assistance personnel a framework and  basis from which to support missions. It is known and an accepted fact; casualty missions carry an emotional factor on the organization and on  the individuals. The casualty mission is unlike any other military mission.  Understand that you are not alone with the burden of laying your Service Member, Our brother and sisters in arms, to rest. The toll on all  personnel involved supporting the mission must be considered at all  phases of the process.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" – Marcus  Tullius Cicero 

What we provide


The Causualty Operation Office provides casualty support to National Guard, US Army Reserve and Active Duty military personnel and their family members, who are working and  living within the state of North Carolina.

Survivor Benefits and Entitlements

Survivor Benefit Plans

Casualty & Memorial Affairs Operations Center


 Casulty Operations

1SG Robert T Shook

North Carolina National Guard

Casualty Operations NCO

4105 Reedy Creek Rd

Raleigh, NC 27607

Office (984) 664-6566

Gov Cell (919) 306-2748

To Report the Death of a NC ARNG Soldier,
please contact their unit, or the NCARNG Casualty Office
(984) 664-6566