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Jun 19
National Guard Region III Best Warrior Competition at the Camp Butner

​BUTNER, N.C. – Soldiers from across the Southeastern region of the U.S. gather in North Carolina to compete in the National Guard Region III Best Warrior Competition at the Camp Butner Training Site from May 13-18, 2019.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands send their best enlisted and noncommissioned officers to represent their state in a demanding five-day competition for a chance to compete at the national competition later this year.

“The camaraderie, enthusiasm and moral have been great,” said North Carolina State Command Sgt. Maj. Russell Prince. “No matter what state you’re from, or what your MOS [military occupational specialty] you are; there are certain things all soldiers are required to do. They bond over those events especially during the hardships of the conditions. Everybody comes together to not only to share the disappointments but also to share in the jubilation; no matter who it is. Everybody is excited for them.”

Taking the 2019 Region III crown for the noncommissioned officers is Staff Sgt. Nathan Bogert, representing the Alabama National Guard and Spc. Andrew Brotherton, representing the North Carolina National Guard, won in the enlisted category.

“This is awesome,” said Bogert. “I spent a lot of time here in North Carolina so I feel like this is my second home, but I feel honored to represent Alabama in this competition.”

The 2002 inception of the Best Warrior Competition collectively involves the Army Reserve, Regular Army and the National Guard as a way to test competitors’ knowledge and abilities by overcoming, physical fitness challenges, board interviews, critical thinking, written exams and warrior tasks and battle drills. The elite victor that emerges from Region III’s competition earns a ticket to the National Guard Bureau Best Warrior Competition.

“This means a lot,” said Brotherton. “North Carolina is a great state. I have picked the brains of some guys that have gone to Nationals. I have heard some stories about how different it is and how much it changes, but I plan on getting out there and competing.”


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