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Our Leaders

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Pending Photo

The Adjutant General

Deputy Adjutant General
BG Allen R. Boyette

State Command
Chief Warrant Officer
CW5 Christopher T. Woodard


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CMD Conner no text 8 by 10.jpg BG copeland.jpeg
NC Senior Enlisted Leader - Army
C​SM Benjamin Garner

NC Senior Enlisted Leader-Air

CCMSgt. Randal S. Conner

Assistant Adjutant General Maneuver

Brig Gen WilliamsBG Moore 8 point 5 by 11 66.jpg

Assistant Adjutant General - Air
Brig Gen Stephen Mallette

Brig Gen Allan Cecil

Assistant Adjutant General Sustainment
BG Cristina Moore

Our Organization

The NCNG is a military force comprised of citizen Soldiers and Airmen sworn to support and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of North Carolina. We trace our heritage back to the 1663 Carolina Charter granting authority to levy, muster, and train men. In recent years, the NCNG reshaped itself in accordance with guidance from the Chief, National Guard Bureau and the Departments of the Army and Air Force. This transformation changed the NCNG's focus and structure from that of a strategic reserve to a modern, operational force. 
The NCNG postures itself in an evolving environment for success in meeting both current and future mission requirements, while maintaining a Ready, Reliable, Responsive and Relevant force (R4). It consists of a diverse workforce with varied backgrounds, education, and perspectives.

​Our Mission

On order, the North Carolina National Guard's Always Ready-Ready Team deploys military capabilities, in support of State and/or National authorities, in order to protect the lives and properties of fellow Citizens, defend the State and Nation, and secure our American way of life.
Campaign Plan
This Campaign Plan is developed in order to describe and communicate a clear organizational vision that will guide the North Carolina National Guard's future operations. This will facilitate our continued efforts towards becoming the national leader in personnel and unit readiness and Domestic Operations (DOMOPS).
Understanding and permeating this vision will posture the NCNG for taking our communication to the next level - ensuring an understanding of this vision throughout our Force, as well as, amongst all of our valued supporters. Ultimately, this will facilitate the shaping and creating of an environment that enables our successful accomplishment of any and all assigned missions to any part of the world - we are an expeditionary force!
NCNG 101 Brief 

NCNG Poster                                        

Air Guard Campaign Plan Tri-fold PDF

Army Guard Campaign Plan Tri-fold PDF