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 139th Regional Training Institute (RTI)

The 139th Regional Training Institute conducts TRADOC Army Component (MOSQ, ASI, OCS, NCOES) training across the entire Total Army School System (AC,ARNG,USAR) in order to produce “Relevant and Ready” Total Army Forces utilizing world class “Institute of Excellence” management and quality assured training, producing superior leaders throughout the Total Army Force.     

Whether you decide to attend our NCOES, OCS, Combat Arms MOS training or Combat Medic training, come mentally and physically prepared to meet the challenge. We look forward to assisting you with obtaining the necessary skills to further your military career.
The 139th Regiment is an unsurpassed provider of world-class training. Our commitment to safety and force protection–both on-duty and off, is second to none.

 139th RTI Units

Camp Butner Training Center, Stem



 139th RTI HQ: (910)-495-7900




COL Manley James

Command Sergeant Major:

CSM Jerry Martin