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The Education Services Office
Education Services Office personnel serve as the subject matter experts on all matters pertaining to a Service Member's pursuit of higher education. Our office provides education counseling, evaluates college transcripts for inclusion into a Soldier's official military record, and administers Army personnel testing for AFCT, SIFT, and DLPT. In addition, our office manages the Army's Federal Tuition Assistance Program within the GoArmyEd portal, the North Carolina Tuition Assistance Program (NCTAP), and GI Bill® benefits.

 Contact Information

ESO Main Phone Number: (984) 664-6272

ESO Group Email Address:

Student Loan Repayment Phone Number: (984) 664-6331

Student Loan Repayment Email Address:

 ESO Message Board

Small Business Administration Programs

 Federal Tuition Assistance Program (FTA/GoArmyEd):

  • Soldiers may request Tier 2 Military Education Exception to Policy (ETP) related to COVID-19 residency course cancellations. Soldiers must create a GoArmyEd helpdesk case and upload the support documentation (e.g., ATRRS screenshot, ATRRS email notification to the case or GoArmyEd eFile.
    • The supporting documentation must indicate the residency course was cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Army education counselors/ESSs will review the ETP request, confirm the documentation, and defer the hold up to 90 days.

North Carolina Tuition Assistance Program (NCTAP):

  • Funding for the 2019-2020 academic year has been exhausted. We encourage you to apply for the fall 2020 term. 

Credentialing Assistance:

  • Pathways are no longer required to use this benefit. Your vendor must be on the approved list before your credential can be funded.
  • Due to COVID-19, program vendors are closing, postponing, or transitioning to online formats. If a course has been changed or cancelled due to COVID-19, the Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers (ACCESS) ArmyU Associate Director has authorized CA debt waivers.
    • Soldiers must open a helpdesk case in GoArmyEd to request withdrawals, waivers, or changes to the course.
  • Soldiers that do not have the ability to digitally sign their CA Statement of Understanding (SOU) must upload the unsigned SOU in the credentialing assistance helpdesk case and add the note: "I have read, understood, and agree to the terms listed in the attached SOU."
    • The note must be added by the Soldier, not the Army education counselor.

GI Bill® Programs:

  • Debt Management
    • Contact the VA Debt Management Center at if you have a VA benefit debt, have been affected by COVID-19, and need temporary financial relief.
  • Title 32, section 502(f)
    • Service Members placed on active duty orders under Title 32, U.S.C. 502(f) in support of COVID-19, can use this time as qualifying service under the Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) GI Bill program.
    • See main page for CH 33 information for more information about restrictions and qualification criteria. Title 32 service performed under ADOS/ADSW is not recognized as Chapter 33-qualifying service.
  • CH 33 Housing Stipend 
    • Many institutions have canceled or moved courses online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An email entitled "Important Update to GI Bill Benefits" was sent directly to all students using the CH 33 GI Bill that explains how these changes would impact users. If you did not receive this email and are currently using CH 33 to fund your education, please check out Your institution's VA Certifying Official may be able to further assist if you have more pertinent questions.

  • As of April 2020, electronic transcripts are accepted. Scanned and emailed transcripts are unauthorized. For more information see the transcripts page.


  • Testing is anticipated to resume on or after 25 June 2020. Check back later for details.

 Click on Each Picture For Additional Guidance

                     New Student Guide

This guide provides general information on getting started.



Flag-of-North-Carolina-XL.jpg            State Tuition Assistance - The NCTAP

This is a state-funded tuition assistance reimbursement program that is not designed to meet the payment deadlines of institutions.



   Federal Tuition Assistance - GoArmyEd

The Department of the Army provides tuition assistance to members of the National Guard, Reserves, and Active Component. Students must apply and be approved for funding prior to the start date of classes.



 Army COOL.PNG Army Credentialing Assistance - Army Cool

Many civilian jobs have certain professional and technical standards. Obtaining credentials - certifications and licenses - shows that you have met these standards.



Chess.jpg                      GI Bill® Benefits

Have you ever had a question about your GI Bill® benefits? Whether you are using benefits for yourself or transferring them to a spouse and/or dependent(s), you will want to read this section.



                Joint Services Transcript

Ever wonder how to get college credit from your military experience and training? This document provides college credit recommendations to colleges and universities when awarding transfer credit for military experience.



Family Benefits.jpg                    Family Benefits

A few programs were created to support the educational attainment of spouses and dependents of our Service Members. Please check back frequently for updates.




Scholarship books are available for check-out in the Education Services Office in Raleigh, NC.



              Testing Information

Do you need to retake the ASVAB? Would you like to learn how to get your SAT, ACT, and many other civilian exams reimbursed? Then click this image to learn more.



    College Transcript Information

Finished your degree or completed college credit and need it added to your official military record? The Education Services Office is the only authority in the State for adding transcripts to a current member's record. This section provides guidance on what we need to update your record.



 army-black-and-white-gun-41161.jpg    Information for Deployed Service Members

Are you currently deployed or do you have an upcoming deployment? Education benefits can dramatically change while you are deployed and when you return. This section provides guidance regarding education benefits and the impact a mobilization has on them.


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at