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The Retirement Services Office (RSO) mission to serve goes beyond the traditional drilling Soldier and extends to Retirees, Families, Survivors, and the Active Duty Staff. Our end goal is to bring the most effective guidance to those who are planning, applying, updating, or discontinuing any and all retirement benefits. This goal continues to be reached through various sources of online media support, mass marketing, remote training, and extended customer service. Some more direct services we provide include assisting Retirees with State and Federal Pension applications, Change Forms, Annuity allotments, General Information, and providing Resources and Points of Contact when applicable.
The purpose of the Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) program is to provide a person in each state/territory to serve as the statewide point of contact to assist members in accessing Veterans Affairs benefits and healthcare services. Each TAA also provides assistance in obtaining entitlements through the Veterans Affairs System and access to community resources.